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Water Purification » Water Purification » Dying Fetus – Purification Through Violence 1996 (Full Album)

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Dying Fetus – Purification Through Violence 1996 (Full Album)

01. Blunt Force Trauma; 00:00
02. Beaten Into Submission; 05:27
03. Skull Fucked; 08:17
04. Permanently Disfigured; 11:12
05. Raped on the Altar; 14:37
06. Nothing Left to Pray For; 18:32
07. Nocturnal Crucifixion; 22:27
08. Skum (Fuck the Weak); 25:50

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19 Responses to "Dying Fetus – Purification Through Violence 1996 (Full Album)"

  1. John Witherspoon says:

    Why does the snare sound like a trash can lid? Regardless, I still love the fetus

  2. Nathan Booth says:

    I miss playing this CD in my truck!!!! FUCKIN A!!! AAWWWHHHHHH!!!!!

  3. SuperLouie13 says:

    sick ass fuck!!

  4. Rodrigue Le Ridant says:

    long life

  5. Rodrigue Le Ridant says:

    vu au Hellfest c'etait le top un son nickel en live pour ceux qui aime le bon son   long live rock'n'roll

  6. Alonso Gomez says:

    Grotesque Impalement changed the whole way I viewed death metal and I aprouch the guitar

  7. J-F Martin says:

    Deathgrind !!! Fuck yeah ! Don't be toxic plox ahah

  8. Juan Magg says:

    Bad ass. Dude. Bad ass.

  9. B Dns says:

    this one destroy tomb of mutilated or other ( good )metal band in 94/95/96''..trollmetal-xd..yetimetal…heavy ; good creation ; qulity XXXL

  10. B Dns says:

    first was for 94'' already nice apparently…. heavy .yea lol…more creation…etc a this album is not bear;; all dying isa bear ; mamouthmetal

  11. multiply.infinity says:

    I used to hang out with these guys when they were in town. They played a bunch of shows at the old Castle Heights in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.

  12. T Zon says:

    Dying Fetus is the best band in the world

  13. Heidi S. says:

    Dying Fetus is a godly band. All of their albums are absolute masterpieces. m/ 

  14. EjectedStomach says:

    The album responsible for getting me into extreme music.

  15. Σταυρος Ουσλης says:

    poutana ola reeeeeeeee

  16. RafaelCardenas Palacios says:

    I think all their albums are sick asssss !! From old to new !! Great band !! 

  17. DSG Der Gamer says:

    Deathgrind/Grindore I guess?

  18. Bkatong Kendal says:

    Destroy the opposition till now is Awesome tom/

  19. TehKrakerzGuy says:

    6:31 I LOVVEEE that slam ♥