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Murloc Shaman – Witness the Power of Pure Water!

They made some very cool Murloc-oriented cards for Shaman, and it is my duty to test them and give them the love they deserve. AWW YEAH!

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40 Responses to "Murloc Shaman – Witness the Power of Pure Water!"

  1. MrPCGamer says:

    please make a Video with a tgt murloc deck

  2. BigDippas says:

    murlocs are so much fun haha. definitely not the most competitive deck but fun regardless

  3. Maxed Gaming says:

    You seem pissed

  4. AMX-014 says:

    holy fucking shit you take forever to do anything, are you a fucking aspie???? why would anyone want to watch this moron

  5. Klaidas B-vas says:

    That steam message sound got me so hard

  6. number999999999 says:

    killing the searing ad a sense if he wanted to make your play more random when you totem since it ran a .33 instead of .5 chance to get what you want…

  7. Neptulon The Tide Hunter says:

    OMG its a me!!! YOU PLAYED ME   <3

  8. Gwabledude says:

    Needs more Murlocs…

  9. Kung Lao says:

    Fucking idiot fuck you fucking retard.

  10. Nathan Bloxham says:

    i love watching murlock deck however u should play him more go for the face style i find it more effective ur tradeing into minions that u dotn need to and u gota realize that hes gota trade into u anyway if he wants to stay alive so just go for the face imo.

  11. DarklordDaUnicorn DaThird says:

    I hate it when people don't "Well Played" someone back after they just gave you a WP, he was fucking losing too and he still did it. Have some respect?

  12. Maxime Lidolff says:

    Man you take too much cocaïne clicking everywhere as you do…

  13. Jerk Cola says:

    I like his vids, but all that pointless swearing just seems/sounds so…. meh… lame I guess.

  14. LordWarr says:

    I can't wait to build a murloc deck, its too funny and awesome. Best thing about it is that any class can use them.

  15. Zachary Levi Wall says:

    Whoa. So this is what the game looks like at 60fps+? Damn.

  16. Jacob Van Buren says:

    Had a constucted game yesterday when a mage unstable portalled neptulon and got 3 murloc warleaders, I somehow won

  17. Leslie Williams says:

    With the amount of F-bombs used in this vid, I thought I was watching Gordon Ramsay's Hell Kitchen…..
    Or am I the only one who thought this?

  18. KingN0thing91Ger says:

    Its the first video I see of this guy. Can someone explain me how the fuck one can get like ALL cards in golden? o.O I mean did he spend 1.000.000 dollars for hearthstone or is he sponsored or sth?

  19. Stevo Sit says:

    4:01 Neptulon Button

  20. Andi Baumgarten says:

    10:49 noxious pls dont do this to me

  21. lets be nerds prodution says:


  22. Ginger Mikhel says:

    @tigersfanatic98 me too :)

  23. Ginger Mikhel says:

    @Dennis Lee Case that's only in Detroit the rest of the 19 million acres of heaven are yet to be discovered by you! Trust me I live in a town in Michigan where you will find the sweetest people on Earth!

  24. Kharress says:

    I love watching this commercial~ The scenery is so beautiful!
    Does anyone know the name of the music piece playing in the background though?

  25. Rei Baka says:

    "Water." & then I say… Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world

  26. piningforMichigan says:

    I love and miss Michigan, I grew up there and unfortunately had the misfortune of having to move away. I can't wait to go back each summer, And of course, I will retire there.

  27. Amy Good says:

    Yes, this almost brings a tear to my eye. I am very proud to be a Michigander, and I loved growing up and (still) going to the great lakes. Even in winter, they are simply spectacular.

  28. Dennis Lee Case says:

    I love the musci. All I think about when I hear folks talking about Michigan is Detroit, and the crime there. I would never want to go to Michigan because of that no matter how beautiful. I just expect a bandit to jump out of the beautiful paths.

  29. XmYcHeMiLoVerX says:

    Tim Allen grew up in Kalamazoo Michigan, my hometown. Awww :')

  30. tigersfanatic98 says:

    im glad to call michigan my home.

  31. coolgriff says:

    @nathenh AND in the winter its cold and snow falls for 4-6 months

  32. CaptainNensho says:

    our waters tainted with oil now.

  33. NoOdL3z18 says:

    @NoRulesInNam cheaper drugs.

  34. f1khamba says:


    The real question is did the ad achieve its objective………….have you visited Michigan yet? It's a beautiful place if you ever get the chance to go. Let me know if you ever want some suggestions on where to spend your time. I'd be glad to help ya out.

  35. Gregg Bergh says:

    If you don't like michigan then get the fuck out, at least it still feels like america here, please just get out if you don't like it, and let us who do enjoy it, enjoy it all the more when you leave, I live near Torch Lake in Antrim county, I welcome winter, love it love it love it, oh and by the way, I eat the fish I catch from all the lakes and I'm still alive, get a grip you asshole, go breathe the smog from a huge city and choke to death on it.

  36. swenger27a says:

    @waltonladyraiderlax what is tacky about advertising Michigan in its prime vacationing season? It has nothing to do with what is going on in the Gulf. Plus why would I want to go to the south right now when it is bloody hot. I mean Michigan is hot enough in the summer as is.

  37. swenger27a says:

    @missdebrafox ok if you want gray all the time live in the UK. I did for 6 months and Michigan is a ray of sunshine compared to that. Sure winter sucks but that is pretty much the darkest time of the year. Spring and Summers are awesome.

  38. AdmiralLobeam says:

    You won't have clean water for long after Rio Tinto gets their Kennecott Eagle Mining operation up and running. Soon after they'll kill all the birds and you won't be able to eat the fish because of acid mine drainage with toxic heavy metals. No more birds – more insects and then it will start to S T I N K ! ! !
    Wake up MICHIGAN your greedy government sold out to a British mining company that has a long reputation for destroying the planet!!!

  39. missdebrafox says:

    and, oh did I mention that warm weather, if you're LUCKY lasts 3.5-4 months, and that it's gray and depressing most of the time, even in summer? Don't believe me? check out the weather graphs. Don't believe the ads. I live here. I can't wait to get out.

  40. missdebrafox says:

    yeah, they don't say that you can't EAT THE FISH in the major lakes of michigan, and that the state isn't doing near enough to protect it. Most of the other lakes are private. And you don't see the mosquitos in these ads, but let me tell you… they are unreal in "pure michigan."