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Lifestraw Emergency Water Filter

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Lifestraw Emergency Water Filtration.

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Homemade Emergency Water Filter Kit -

How to make a homemade water filter / purification kit for emergency, backup use in the event that your primary water filtration system malfunctions while in the backcountry. Unfortunately, the gear and equipment that we rely upon to sustain us in the wilderness on multi-day hiking and backpacking adventures can be prone to failure. It is always an intelligent (as well as potential life-saving) practice to bring along certain contingency items in the event a critical piece of equipment breaks down. A means of procuring clean, safe drinking water is extremely high on that list. The simple DIY kit shown here can easily be made for free from common household items, and has the capability to provide you with potable water in an emergency situation.
* Always practice safety standards when handling or drinking water that may contain harmful bacteria and/or pathogens. Exercise caution by avoiding cross contamination, checking expiration dates on purification chemicals, and utilizing the “cleanest” water available. When in doubt, boil any questionable water.
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39 Responses to "Lifestraw Emergency Water Filter"

  1. chris “maestrouk” shaggymaest says:

    if you use it, then store it. would you get veils desease.

  2. Alistair Hall says:

    Bloody amazing!

  3. Mojoman57 says:

    You now you've reached the limit of the Lifestraw's capability when it quits working… and you start shooting diarrhea out of your ears.

  4. Christopher Conroyd says:


  5. Evan Faraday says:

    I bet this guy got sick afterward.

  6. 양승철 says:

    The idea is a good idea.

  7. Jack Paylor KG5FBC says:

    $13 on amazon

  8. Ice Age says:

    Dont try on oil.

  9. Connor Millett says:

    Are you able to change the filter?


    You said it has a 3 yr shelf life, but what if you are a prepper and store it unused in a bug out kit…….does this mean i have to replace it?  I read on amazon that they took that expiration date off………   looking at the renovo and the sawyer also.   Can you do a update???

  11. Cessna readyfortakeoff says:

    When do you know when the filter can not be use anymore?

  12. Flynn Savage says:

    I don't know if you've heard of it, but there's a portable filter called the Sawyer Mini that is less than half of the size of the LifeStraw, is rated to filter down to 0.1 micron, weighs 2 ounces, and can filter up to 100,000 gallons. The Sawyer Mini can even screw onto bottles, and (from what I've seen) is cheaper than the LifeStraw, being as low as $17.99.

  13. unvmematt says:

    I demonstrated this to my friends when I was pretty drunk the other night by putting cat poop in a bowl of water and some cigarette butts, then taking a swig. It worked but needless to say I was a little ashamed of myself when I woke up.

  14. Mark Le (MarkGaming) says:

    Sawyer squeeze has a 0.1 filter better than a lifestraw and can filter 1 million gallons.

  15. jonathan aviles says:

    Lovely I have one and I love it

  16. outdoorsmen 56 says:

    great peace of kit i have one in my first aid kit and on e around my neck   it has never let me down  any hunter fish man  or hiker should carry one  a must if you ask me

  17. Cory Baxter says:


  18. Torgeir Tobiassen says:

    I live in norway and i drink dirty river water but i have never been sick or poisened of it you should built a better immunesystem 

  19. PsychicVoid says:

    it was created by the guys at vat19 its there product not vestegard francine

  20. Outlander Bushcraft says:

    Hi there , what a good idea ,a handy little backup filter nice one atb Martin 

  21. mihai vasile Floria says:
  22. Roxyie Curone says:

    Can I use the carbon pellets that are used in fish tank filters? Would that clean as good as the cotton?

  23. 2013Chela says:


  24. Enviro-Equipment, Inc. says:

    Here is how you filter water in an emergency, just in case!

  25. M.W. Watermark, LLC says:

    Here is how you filter water in an emergency, just in case!

  26. TomaHawkSDCS says:

    What was the first bottle cap for?

  27. seattwa says:

    Can you recommend a good brand of purification tablets. 

  28. Brody Sears says:

    Question….why do you need the bottle cap??? Why not just screw small holes in the bottom of the pill bottle….I guess to keep the cotton dry? 

  29. BennyCFD says:

    You're still have to purify the water to make it safe to drink.  

  30. Migdalia Garcia says:

    muy interesante y util

  31. Chris Romero says:

    You have to live by the land, not watt you left with nothing…..good information, but….I need to learn how to live off land…..r people anxiously gonna save that Shit.

  32. Chris Romero says:

    The bomb dropped.ur in the woods, you don't have, cotton swabs, chap stick, ear helpers, none of that .,,, watt duo you do?

  33. Bubba says:

    If you are going to go to the trouble of bringing this stuff with you, you might as well bring a $20 Sawyer Mini filter. It is not much bigger than this, and will work much, much better. Also, dont forget to save some charcoal from a campfire for the water, if you diy.

  34. PikenEl says:

    That is totally cool man. Simple and effective. It will get you out of a jam. 

  35. astrangeone says:

    Might make this for a bug out bag/evacuation bag.  But I'd use a piece of char cloth (basically charcoal) for the middle one.

    It's basically free water filtering (I assume everyone has empty pill bottles).

  36. Seth Huebner says:

    I made this worked fairly well had bad taste to it and the cotton soaked up most of the water but other than that pretty good.

  37. LEX-FLIX says:

    Very cool idea and implementation.

  38. Linda Barnes says:

    Your water has the particlate removed, but the water purification tablets do not kill parasites. Your next step after filtering the water would be to bring the water to a boil to kill parasites. Any chemicals or toxins in the water would still remain. A decision would have to be made as to how critical that use of water is to you at that moment.